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  visit the UNESCO site at Al Balid and Haffa Souq   a half day Dhow trib from Khasab
half day trip of Muscat   visit the UNESCO town of Sumhuram and the coastal town of Taqah   a half day to explore the town of Khab and region
Dolphin watching near Muscat   Fankincense Trees and stunning Mugsayl beach area   a safri up to the mountains from Khasab
Dhow Cruise from Muscat   a visit to Phrophet Job and an beautiful valley   a relaxing day with luch in the Fjords of Khasab
a day trip to Oman's most famous fort - and the souq near it   a full day trip around Salalah    
the kilometer deep Grand Canyon of Oman   a full day desert trip to the Rub al Khali    
cool and beautiful mountain of Oman        
a wadi with date palms and steep mountain slopes        
a village in a beautiful setting after a stunning drive through Wadi bani Auf        
a nice mountain and wadi day trip from Muscat        
Amouage Perfumes        
two great forts of Oman from Muscat        
visit one of Omans most famous Wadis        
the Golden Sand Dunes of the Wahiba Desert        
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